Fees and Payments

Harrogate VC has 2 teams entered into the regional Yorkshire Premier league; 1 men's, 1 women's.
You have 2 choices to get involved with our club; a league team player and a recreational player.

If you wish to play for our league teams, you must become a member of the club and pay a regular fee, so that we can register you to Yorkshire Volleyball Association. This must be completed for you to compete in the games.

There are a few options to pay the club fee and the details can be found in below table. If you join the club mid-season, please consult the club treasurer to discuss a suitable payment method for you.
Each member needs to inform the treasure how they wish to pay.

The club encourages payments via bank transfer, only accepting cash payments only if the fee is paid as a chunk, as there are too many previous cases where the members did not bring cash to the session.
We will disallow any players to join the session if any PAYG members did not bring the club fee.

Please note that any league players who misses any fee payments are disallowed to play in matches until all the payment is squared.

Also any guest players who do miss any payment more than a week will not be allowed to play in the training session. Any missed payment can be deferred only a week.

In any case, if you have any financial difficulties or face any change of circumstance, consult the treasurer at earliest opportunity.
Also any questions, please feel free to contact the treasurer.
Payment Options

League Player

The league players are not allowed to opt to PAYG. Please choose from the following 2 options and let the treasure know during the month of September and make the fee payable. The preferred payment method is a bank transfer for the payments during September. The installment payments are only accepted via bank transfer. NO CASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED!

Option 1
The player to pay in one single payment of £220 during September. Cash or bank transfer accepted.
  Option 2
The player to pay £125 within September in cash or bank transfer, and then the installments of £20 x 5 from Oct - Feb via bank transfer (Standing Order) only.
Recreational Player

The new comers will have a first session free of charge.

Regular players
We encourage players to come regularly and would like all the players to pay a monthly fee.

Option 1
£100 as a single payment (cash or bank transfer) for the entire season, paid within September
  Option 2
£45 initial payment (cash or bank transfer) within September, followed by the installment of £20 x 3 from Oct - Dec via standing order.
This covers the entire season.

Juniors with adult supervisor
 Option 1
The payment covers both the junior member and the adult member.
£150 for 2 for the entire season, payable by cash or bank transfer within September

  Option 2
£65 initial payment (cash or bank transfer) during September, followed by installments of £30 x 3 from Oct - Dec via standing order only.

Any new players joined during the running season, the fee is calculated at the rate of £20/month, calculated based on the joining date. Please consult the treasure to find out the exact cost. The payment option will be the same, payable either as a single payment during the first month of starting, or installments.

Guest players

Any guest players who cannot commit for the entire season is allowed to pay by cash for each session at the rate of £5. No payment, no session. We do not accept any "I will bring the money next week" any more.