Fees and Payments

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have revised the way we take payments that we only operate on PAYG basis, which means the training fee should be paid per session, prior or on the day of the session.

You will not be allowed to participate if the payment is not confirmed at the start of the session by the treasurer.

Also any questions, please feel free to contact the treasurer from the contact us page.

Payment Options

The fee for 21/22 season is £7 each for adult, and £4 for concession (juniors under 18).

The money can be paid by either a bank transfer to a nominated account or PayPal. Please contact the treasurer for details.

When paying by PayPal, please choose the payment reason to be pay to "friends and family" rather than "for service" as there's a charge otherwise and I lose portion of money on transaction.

Also if you hold non sterling (GBP) account, there may be an exchange charge, but please make sure full amount is reached to the club account.

We cannot accept cash any more, so please DO NOT bring cash to the session.